(734) 453-2900


1070 S. Main St. Plymouth, MI 48170


Great Place!
I wish I knew about this gem earlier! I've lived in Plymouth forever and just started ordering from Main Street! Not only do they have free delivery, the deals are absolutely incredible. And to top it all off, the pizza is AMAZING!! This is my new favorite pizza place!
Just ordered for the first time and it was excellent! Came super fast and correct.. Great pizza for the price.. Our new pizza place!
Best Pizza in the Area
Hands-down the best pizza in the area. A close friend and New York State native that I treated to a Main Street Pizza said it was the best New York-style pizza he's ever had outside of New York. At least one trip per week is made from Novi into Plymouth, just for a Main Street Pizza!!!
Forever Customer
We lived in Plymouth 10 years ago and ALWAYS ordered from Main St. Pizza. Now anytime I am driving through we stop there. Great Pizza, great prices!!!
Blows Away the Competition
Awesome traditional pizza!! For the two of us, we love the small family special. We are right in town and usually get it delivered within 15 minutes, hot and delicious. Bonus free delivery so you can tip the delivery guy more. AND you save the flyers because after ten you get a large FREE pizza. I said it, AWESOME!!!!
Best Ribs I've Ever Had
Best pizza in the area, and best ribs I have ever had anywhere. Always my go-to pizza place, and I never get the pizza without the ribs - the meat just falls right off the bones. Feels weird but sometimes I even eat the bones too. Good service on top of everything.